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On behalf of the New Order of the Jedi, welcome to our hub for all things NOJ.
-NOJ Academy Students can find resources for their RP lessons here, in both the Forums and the Library section.
-NOJ in SW:TOR can share info, organize raids, etc.
-Both branches can browse and add to our gallery and forums, as well as catch up on the latest happenings within the Order. 
-Prospective members can start the application process in one convenient place.

Many thanks,
NOJ News    

New NOJ Skype Chat Guidelines!

Evelyn Syaka, Mar 17, 13 7:38 PM.
As of 3/17/13 we will now have guidelines for both the Official NOJ chat, and the Silly Hats room. The guidelines are as follows:

Skype chat guidelines: The "Official NOJ Chat" channel is meant for in-character (IC) communications between members.   The NOJ "Silly Hats Room" is an out-of-character (OOC) channel where no formality is required, and silliness and debauchery are encouraged.   Neither channel is a place to vent, complain, or to talk about others.  This includes emotes (non-verbal) communications such as rolling one’s eyes, groans, etc. to express dissatisfaction.  If there are issues regarding the conduct or behavior of others, please keep it professional and be mindful of your behavior and use private communications either in SL or on Skype to address it.

If you have any questions or concerns about this new procedure please consult Master Evelyn or Vox about this decision.

SW in SL: New enclave on Chandrila!

Evelyn Syaka, Jan 13, 13 8:32 PM.
As the tides have turned, we have a new home on Chandrila. This is the home most known for the Lost Jedi Tomb, and the endless caverns yet to be explored. We have moved from the ship and now are settled on the planet's surface. Please take a moment to read through the forums and become acquainted with where everything is on the website so you don't get lost in the future when notices are sent regarding items on the forums.

Stay tuned!
Master Evelyn

SWTOR NOJ Has New Home

Zabrak@Heart, Jun 13, 12 11:10 PM.
In the interest of being able to get the Guild, Legacy and Character names we would like, we decided to move the guild to The Ebon Hawk when it became available.  

For those of you who were in the guild and have remaining characters on Shien, you'll need to head here to initiate character transfer.  
I've already started the process to have the guild bank ported, and we'll be back up and running shortly.
Send an IM to Lillyanna, Sêvyn, Odhan or Ëvo in game to be added to the new guild.
Any questions, send me a mail here.

SWTOR: Character Transfer Service

Zabrak@Heart, Jun 9, 12 3:49 PM.
Six months it's been since the massive launch of SWTOR.  At that time, BioWare had to add servers due to the ridiculous population explosion.  Fast forward to today, and some servers (such as Shien, our home RP server) are veritable ghost-planets. 

BioWare have recently announced that there will be transfers available to those who wish to participate, and that the service will debut with free transfers on June 12, 2012.  I'm still unclear after having read the announcement whether servers like Shien will be allowed to remain, or whether they will be required to be merged at some point.  No word yet either on whether ours is a destination server or an origin server.

Look for a poll in our Forums tomorrow that will help us determine how to approach this move.
To read the announcement for yourself, click here.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Zabrak@Heart, Dec 1, 11 10:50 AM.
Apply now - whether you're from the Academy in our Second Life RP group, or in our guild in the EA Bioware/LucasArts game, Star Wars: The Old Republic. This is our new hub for all activity in both groups, and is aimed at streamlining the flow of info across both platforms.  We just set the site up, so look forward to many new and exciting changes that will be taking place here over the next few weeks. 

See you in game!
Unofficial NOJ Community Dude
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